proud Autism Mom

The Outreach Autism Services Network has been a great help to my family, in just the few months that we have been in contact with them. Our two year old son was recently diagnosed with Autism. My husband and I had no clue as to what the next step would be. I heard about OASN, and joined their Facebook Support Group. OASN has been such a blessing. In the short time we’ve been associated with them we have had opportunities that we wouldn’t have had otherwise.

 Our son was able to take 4 weeks of free swimming lessons over the summer. This was so important to my husband and me, because our son loves water but doesn’t understand the dangers that could come from falling in and not being able to swim.

We wanted to get therapy for our son, but were not aware of any local organizations that offered the types of therapy he needs. OASN was able to refer us to Kidspot and Behavioral Analysis Support Services. We are currently in the process of getting approval for him to participate in Occupational Therapy and ABA therapy.

OASN offers several opportunities for families to come together and offer each other support. This is immeasurable in the type of support it can offer. Raising a child with special needs can be very overwhelming at times, and it can be comforting to talk to other parents/families that understand how you are feeling.

This organization is not only an asset to the Autism community, but to the Ocala community as well. It reaches so many families that are frustrated, desperate, and lost, and they guide them to the right resources in order to get help.