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Outreach Alliance Supporting Neurodevelopment also known as OASN (see our home-page for information about our name change in January 2024) was started in 2011 by our executive director/founder because she could not find services or support for her children in Marion County, FL. There are still not nearly enough services available, however, OASN is doing our best to point families to resources available and provide services, whenever possible (which has become increasingly more difficult post 2020 as funding is scarce).

We are currently acccepting intakes for children ages 5 to 21 (or 22nd birthday), residing within driving distance of Ocala, FL for the following neurodevelopmental diagoses:

Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD), Autism, Global Developmental Delay, Intellectual Developmental Disorder (ID), & Learning Disorders.  

OASN assists families with referrals to obtain a neurodevelopmental disorder diagnosis (or after a diagnosis has been obtained) and provides support every step of the way. Our executive director/founder and associate director have walked down this road, so we have paved it for the families we serve. You must have an intake form on file or have completed the admissions process for our subsidiary school to be eligible for the below listed programs/services (when events are offered, they will be added to our list below):


COMMUNITY DINNER (RESOURCE EVENT) Our first Community Dinner will offer a spagetti dinner (for purchase, this is a fundraiser), resources, a raffle, music and more!  Our Community Dinner will be held Saturday, October 26, 2024. More information to follow as it gets closer. We truly hope to see you there!

K-12 EDUCATION Ocala Preparatory Academy is our subsidiary K-12 private school, offering holistic, faith-based (Christian) education. You must complete a pre admissions appointment request or be added to our waitlist to start the admissions process. Completing an intake form is a separate process from our private school admissions application (criteria for acceptance is available on our school website). SUFS Empowerment Scholarships accepted (out of pocket costs associated with enrollment).

PARENT SUPPORT GROUP (Facebook) This private group is available to parents of children that have an intake form on file with OASN. Complete an intake form (see the top header area and look for the red intake button). Once you have completed an intake form, you can request to join here www.facebook.com/groups/oasnparentsupport/.

PARENT SUPPORT MEETINGS Offered once a month in our office or Zoom (online) on the 2nd Wednesday of the month 12pm-12:30pm during the instructional year (August-May) TBD for summer 2024. To register to come either in person or via Zoom, please request a link here https://form.jotform.com/oasnopa/support-meeting-registration.

REFERRALS* Our knowledgeable staff assist OASN families with referrals to medical providers, social & community services.

RESOURCE GUIDE* (CHILDREN & ADULTS) All resources are parent recommended. View Resource Guide

SUMMER PROGRAM (1/2 DAY-FOUR DAYS A WEEK) This fun educational program is offered during the month of June. Costs are defrayed by donations received. Help us by donating to underfunded program! Click here for more information (this information is available during the spring and summer only).

*notates is open for all ages. 

Help us fundraise if you want a service or event funded you do not see listed. Contact avonsander@oasn.info to find out how you can help! 

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Please Note

You must have an intake form on file, have not violated our policies & procedures to participate in OASN programs, services, or events (spots may be limited based on funding). You can submit your intake form online here.